A Hiking Photo Experience
The Beauty of Nature


Art works are also available as NFTs

I decided to use the Tezos blockchain to keep the carbon footprint low. Knowing that most of the NFT-art trades happen on the Ethereum blockchain it was a decision that (in my opinion) lowered the chance for selling the art. Yet I decided to prioritize the environment over the chance of sales.

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Alpine Bridge (on objkt.com)

This collection comprises beautifully, stunning photos from an iconic landmark in the Bavarian Alps. This place is one of my favourite spots to visit in all seasons as it shows the difference between the seasons in such a stunning and beautiful way. None of the photos was easy or quick to obtain: Such special moods are not often encountered. I often went there expecting a special situation, just to see that there is just no appropriate mood, so that I left without a memorable shot.

Posts for single artworks in this collection: Autumn Vibes

Unique Moments (on objkt.com)

This collection holds special, unique moments that I was able to witness over the years. Each of themselves represents a special mood & moment that I wanted to capture and share.

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